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Our mission at Brought The Buyer is three-pronged.

Raise Awareness of Buyer Representation

We have created a venue that raises the level of awareness that Buyer Representation exists. We want to educate and remind the public that they can hire a Buyer’s Agent and use their expertise at no cost to them, when purchasing a home. How many other professionals can you hire where someone else pays the bill? In the purchase process, the Sellers pay all commissions to both Agents. As Buyer’s Agents, we help the Buyer by doing the research, legwork, and negotiations. We understand that this could be one of the largest purchases someone will make, and we strive to make it as stress-free and easy as possible! Buyers will get the Representation they Need!

Provide Signature Sign Riders & Marketing Materials for Buyer’s Agents

Signature signs and marketing materials have been designed to get Buyer’s Agents the Recognition they Deserve! (FINALLY) Agents can brand themselves as successful Buyer’s Agents. We've leveled the playing field. Now, these Agents can market to the public with a yard sign, just as Listing Agents do! When a transaction closes, the For Sale sign comes out, and the Brought The Buyer sign goes in! This system is also a valuable Listing tool. Most Sellers want to hire Listing Agents who work with Buyers, too. the Buyer’s Agent can now show the Sellers how they market to Buyers and bring the Buyer to a sale. The Brought The Buyer signs will increase Agent visibility, and they will get noticed. Real Estate Agents can never have their name in too many places! Additional marketing opportunities will be available in the online directory [coming soon], as well.

Provide Signature Sign Riders for Lenders / Title Companies

Signature sign riders get the Lender and Title Companies the Recognition they Deserve! (FINALLY) It’s about time! Where have they been? Now these affiliates can let the public and real estate community know they are an option by showing off their successfully closed transactions. Aligning with their Real Estate Agent Partners will make an impact and get them noticed! Advertising opportunities on the website and in the online directory [coming soon] are a valuable bonus and will maximize marketing exposure.

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Getting Buyers the Representation They Need
Getting Buyer’s Agents the Recognition They Deserve
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