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Our Concept – Tried and True

"Get the Recognition YOU Deserve!" (FINALLY)

I have been a successful Realtor now for 15 years and have gained a great understanding of the value of branding, a job well-done, and being an option in the public’s eye. I started my Branding Campaign early on in my business and it has truly paid off. In my career so far, I have achieved the Hall of Fame Award with RE/MAX ($1 million in commissions), been the cover story in Broker/Agent Magazine, and have been included in the RE/MAX Success Stories Volume II Book.

The recognition I derived from my listing (For Sale) signs has been invaluable! My neighborhood knew I was a successful Listing Agent because it was apparent that their neighbors and friends were using me to get their homes marketed and sold. However, when I was successful with my Buyers, I didn’t have the same tangible way to let them see those results first-hand! It was then, that I developed the Brought The Buyer concept.

Our mission is to get YOU the Recognition, as a Buyer’s Agent, that you have worked so hard to earn, and deserve! I ran the idea by a few close Realtor friends who echoed statements like, "Susan, this is a brilliant idea!", "Genius!", and, "It’s about time!". Our website was born to compliment our signature signs by also creating a valuable online directory for Agents to become an option for prospective Buyers looking for the Representation they Need.

Another goal of ours is to educate the public and raise the level of awareness that it is smart to use a Real Estate Agent when purchasing a home and that they can utilize a Buyer’s Agent’s expertise for FREE! They can save time, gas, and money by hiring YOU today!

Let the Buyer’s Agent Movement Begin!

Buyer’s Agents Gaining Ground

Getting your Buyer’s permission to display your Brought The Buyer sign should be easy!

  • Were your Buyers happy with your service?
  • Aren’t they excited about their new home?
  • If you took great care of them, they will be more than willing to help you out, right?

Your Step-By-Step Guide to More Business

STEP 1 – Simply approach your Client close to their signing/closing date, about the possibility of them helping you get the Recognition YOU Deserve. It’s effortless for the new homeowner! All they need to do is allow you to display your sign in their yard for as many days as you agree upon (hopefully, at least 30). Let them know this is one of the great ways you grow your business!

STEP 2 – Ask your Buyer to sign the permission form allowing you to display your sign. If they need a little encouragement, we have created an alternative with a closing cost incentive. We’ve got you covered!

STEP 3 – Discuss their two sign options. One version invites the neighbors to drop by and welcome your Buyer to the neighborhood. The other reads, "Another Happy Homeowner!". Which do they prefer?

STEP 4 – Order the Brought The Buyer sign of their choice, along with your personal rider. Ask your Lender and Title Rep if they would like to order theirs, too!

STEP 5 – Order a real estate sign post up through a local post-setting company or install one yourself.

STEP 6 – Order your Brought The Buyer postcards and have them mailed to the surrounding homes. Schedule and plan your Buyer’s house-warming for family and friends.

STEP 7 – Hang your signs, and let your Buyer’s Agent Marketing Plan begin!

STEP 8 – Place a flyer box on your Sign Post and fill with these customizable Marketing Flyers.

STEP 9 – Promote Your Listing Business and gain the competitive edge with this helpful Listing Presentation piece!

Our Brought The Buyer signs are helping Agents everywhere, finally, Gain Ground!

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